5 tips to maximize the presence of your guests on your events

No matter the event and its attractiveness : you are not immune to half empty room! Indeed, professional events (seminars, conventions, press conferences or cocktail parties) are more and more numerous and original, and people more and more solicited. You receive regular e-mail invitations for events to which you subscribe but do not go in the end : this notion, in the event, is called the « no show », ie the rate of guests who did not come to your event. He even says that in Paris, we are close to the 50%! So how do you make your event a must-attend event that people will really want to come to? Do not panic ! YEMP for giving some tracks:


Plan a retro schedule and prepare your event as early as possible, at least a month, to allow maximum time for your guests to predict their arrival in relation to their agenda. It is also all the time that you will need to find the most suitable and attractive place, catering, technical or audiovisual services and entertainment most in line with your expectations and objectives. But the most important thing: find a date that will suit the greatest number! Avoid at all costs the school holidays, the evenings of big events (that they are sportive or political), the eve of holidays. Take advantage on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and flee on Fridays: guests or collaborators will certainly prefer to return home after a big work week.

pour éviter le "no show" lors de vos événements, choisissez une bonne date


To make your events attractive, consider strengthening their credibility or highlighting the benefits of participating: invite, for example, external speakers, consultants or round table leaders … see a people, a « talent ». Many former athletes intervene to motivate or offer engaging speeches at seminars or conventions. Other ways to enhance your events: a contest with the promise of a lot, original goodies, a private show of humor or a musical performance, an original animation …. You will find dozens on YEMP!


The content of your event and the course of the day are ready, it is time to spread the invitation to your employees, customers or prospects, with all the necessary and valuable information (see our article on professional invitations for more details). info). To maximize your chances, have the invitation relayed by your partners or your professional and personal network. If you still want to increase your reach, reach the right people by buying contact databases or relay your events on platforms like EventBrite (which will allow you to better manage the answers)

pour éviter le "no show" lors de vos événements, diffusez votre invitations en multipliant les canaux de diffusion


Regardless of the size or relevance of your event, your guests need to be challenged to engage participants – and sometimes to convince the unwilling. Keep a reminder with the date the invitation was sent, the phone date and the guest’s return. “Confirm” the participants with a confirmation email, and do not forget to remind the guests of the event two days before via an SMS sending solution for example.


It’s the big day, and you’ve certainly spent your day running for setting up. You have also certainly received several emails or phone calls for cancellation … but keep some energy to welcome participants: identify the newcomers and keep your guest list up to date to take stock of the present and absentees. Call the next day these last, they will allow you perhaps to understand your rate of “no show” by explaining to you why they did not come finally. This could be very useful for organizing and adjusting your upcoming events!


There are of course many other ways to maximize the presence of your guests. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact YEMP to benefit from our expertise in event organization!

Julien Masson

En charge du webmarketing et de la communication de YEMP. Il a rejoint l'équipe en mars 2017 après avoir officié dans des groupes médias comme TF1 ou Canal +.