• Bring transparency and structure to the event market with innovative technology.


  • Create win-win relationships between different actors and develop a community of customers and partners around common values.


  • Allow everyone to easily organize professional events: meetings, seminars, product launch, press conference …
yemp a lancé un outil digital pour organiser vos événements professionnels

In 2016, French companies spent 8 billion euros to organize events. More than 70% of these companies organize their events themselves with no professional help. These “amateurs” organizers encounter multiple obstacles when carrying out this additional task, not related to their core business. *

Created in August 2016 and dedicated to corporate events, the Parisian Start Up YEMP – Your Event Marketplace is THE collaborative and responsible event marketplace in France, putting in touch with different providers useful for organizing a successful event.

No more quotes, YEMP selects quality partners and negotiates offers at a fair price. An innovative and intuitive planning tool, guides clients and advise them  throughout the design of their event.

The YEMP community gathering customers and partners enables more transparency, interesting interactions between stakeholders and a continuous improvement of the user experience

YEMP aims to be, by 2019, the leading collaborative and responsible event marketplace in France allowing everyone to organize quality events. YEMP will start developping in 2018 internationally on a second European market. This expansion will be based on a community of customers and partners, innovative technology and a responsible approach.

*2017 and 2015 MICE studies published by Coach Omnium

une communauté de partenaires pour couvrir tous les aspects de vos événements professionnels


Transparency: Prices are pre-noegotiated and level of commission is transparent and communicated. Our clients are informed of any progress related to their events and we share all available information. Within our team, transparency is also a guarantee of good communication between our employees.

Responsible: We want to motivate companies to have more responsible events. We identify providers who share those values of responsibility and transparency and give them extra visibility on our platform.  Our company started at “Les Grands Voisins”, a hub for reinserting people in difficulties. Our stay there has enriched our vision and community of partners from Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity. Internally, we favor a horizontal management allowing each member of the team to contribute to the development of the startup.

Passion: Our passion for events brings serenity to any event, knowledge of new trends in events, and resounding success for all our customers. We do not neglect any detail so that your event is the success of the year!


YEMP, a young dynamic team who wants to change the world starting by making it easier for people to meet and to learn, build together ideas and businesses.

Ahmed Makni

Co-founder of YEMP
A former business analyst in pharmaceutical consulting, Ahmed designed most of the features of the YEMP tool. Expert in event management, he has organized for our clients several fashion shows and large-scale events.

Mariem Mhadhbi

Co-founder of YEMP
Former financial market, Mariem has returned to her first love: the organization of events. She imagined the marketplace concept of providers, and works for more transparency and eco-responsibility in events.

Jacques Chauvin

Chief Operating Officer
With more than 10 years of experience in Strategy and Business Development in the world of startups, whether in France or South America (especially in Buenos Aires), Jacques is now in charge of Business Development and implementation of new processes at YEMP.

Julien Masson

Webmarketing and Communication
With 15 years of experience in marketing and communication services for media groups such as TF1 or Eurosport, Julien joined YEMP to showcase the event community through articles, videos, and the animation of social networks .

Salomé Giron

Client Success
With her experience in hospitality and events, Salomé joined YEMP to create and manage the events of our customers and ensure their satisfaction. She is in charge of VIP events!

Mouna Messai

Partner Manager
An engineer with a specialization in environmental policies, Mouna is responsible for modeling and managing the “Club Responsible” for YEMP.



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