Cadik Paris: A luxury team building to discover diamonds

Passionate about making you discover the art of jewelery? Diamonds to federate your teams in Team Building workshop? This is what the Cadik Jewelry House offers today! Learn to recognize and observe with a magnifying glass a real diamond, know the meaning of the stones: this bicentenary family brand will discover to your employees all their manufacturing secrets during teambuilding workshops in your company or in their Parisian workshop. Meeting with the two heirs:

Who are Jean Michel and Laurent Cadik?

Laurent and Jean-Michel are the two brothers heirs of Maison Cadik, Maison Joaillière born almost 200 years ago on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The two men grew up in Paris, where their father, jeweler of the House, taught them the first secrets of stone selection and manufacture. Laurent is passionate about drawing and goldsmithing while Jean-Michel focuses on precious stones and their secrets.
It was in 2013 that the two brothers founded the brand Cadik Paris, a way to open the doors of the House to the general public and share his world.

The story of your brand is very much related to your family’s story. Is jewelry a family vocation?

La famille Cadik, joailliers de père en fils

It is true that all generations since the creation of the House have been heavily involved in the world of jewelery and what surrounds it. Laurent for example, has invested himself from an early age in jewelery, Jean-Michel meanwhile, joined after his studies and a first step in management consulting. Finally, yes we can say that it is a vocation!
In addition, the brand Cadik Paris wants to give a new breath to the House, as a continuity. When Michel Cadik, the father of Laurent and Jean-Michel, arrived in Paris in 1975, he created mainly for the professionals of the Saint-Honoré street or the Place Vendôme. Cadik Paris wants to put its know-how to benefit everyone.

You are partners of YEMP. What types of services can you offer to companies in team building workshops?

And we are very happy to collaborate with YEMP! It is for us the opportunity to open our workshops workshops gemology (only diamond for the moment) and jewelery. Thus, a participant will be able to attend an initiation of 2h or 4h (according to the format: Animation or Team Building) within our workshop or his company! Laurent will be the speaker for the jewelery workshop while Jean-Michel will be the speaker for the Gemmologie workshop. We have designed these workshops in a way that they are enriching and fun, while leaving the opportunity for companies to adapt them to meet specific objectives.

You propose to your customers a service of creation and of jewelery to measure. What is your most surprising creation?

A client came to see us with a diamond that she already had in her possession, she asked us to create a frame to sublimate her stone. She had no particular expectations, she wanted at the beginning something quite classic, the stone with a diamond entourage, very basic. Laurent, the jeweler of the House, made him anyway a particular proposal: to play curves and facets to obtain a “swirl” of diamonds. Finally, 825 diamonds were set on the mount! This small feat was done in a traditional way in the workshop Cadik, and will have required more than 200 hours of work.

The swirl of diamonds and its 825 precious stones in video:


Are you tempted by the luxury team building proposed by Maison Cadik Paris? Connect or register to YEMP to offer your employees a diamond workshop!

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