The 5 key points to prepare your professional re-entry event

It’s already back! It’s time for many companies to communicate about their strategy, launch their new products, or get their associates together for a seminar or an out-of-town meeting.
Have you been delegated the organization of a professional event? Do not panic ! YEMP, will guide you in your journey with the 5 key points that will allow you to easily organize your event.


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : choisissez la date idéale

1 / Choose the date and time of your event

Crucially, the date and time of the event you are organizing should be chosen with great care. Several parameters come into account:

  • The availability of your guests: will your employees be back from vacation? In the case of a press conference, are there other companies in the same segment that you may have already invited the targeted journalists?
  • The niche of your event: Avoid « marathon » meetings or late events so your audience stays fresh and attentive.


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : choisissez le lieu idéal

2 / Select the ideal place

Whether for a meeting or for a press conference, it is essential to choose the most suitable partners for your needs (and your budget).

The choice of place is crucial, both for the desired effect on the participants and on practical elements to take into account:

  • The availability of the place: some places must be booked several months in advance.
  • The capacity and the possible configuration of the place: are the guests seated or in cocktail mode? Define with the place the possible configurations.
  • Accessibility: public transport, parking, access for people with reduced mobility are sensitive points to take into account as soon as possible.

Yemp offers you a wide choice of atypical places and prestigious meeting rooms. Take a look at our offer to find the place that best fits the organization of your professional event!


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : entourez vous des bons partenaires

3 / Surround yourself with the right partners, caterers and techniques

Once the place is found, think of coffee breaks and lunches / dinners / cocktails! Depending on your budget and the typology of your event, you will find (especially on YEMP) many caterers, from the entry level to the very high end, offering offers ranging from coffee to a complete catering service to meet all your culinary expectations!

Think about your needs in terms of:

  • Audiovisual (will you have videos or presentations to project a speech to make in front of your audience requiring a microphone and a sound system?)
  • Decoration (a photocall with your logo will provide the ideal background for the photos of the guests present)
  • Communication tools (will you need to create and print press kits? Do you want to offer goodies at the end of the event?)
  • Signage (essential on a high-capacity event such as a trade show, to find your way without difficulty)

Feel free to browse our range of partners to find answers to all your specific needs.


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : rédigez une invitation

4 / Send an invitation in due form

Without invitation, it is difficult to federate! Remember to create your invitation in sufficient time before your event to offer your guests a greater amplitude in the confirmation of their arrival.

An invitation, whether printed or electronic, must include essential information:

  • Your logo (s)
  • A header with the type of event (conference, press conference, evening)
  • A visual to dress your invitation
  • The body of the invitation with a catchphrase and useful information: day, date and time of start, full address, means of transport or parking.
  • The program of the event, with the timing of each component: reception, conference, cocktail start
  • How to register or answer: specify the e-mail or confirmation phone number, or provide a digital solution to easily manage returns … there are many!

Refer to our article « How to write a good invitation for your professional event? » for more details !


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : soignez l'accueil le jour J

5 / Treat the reception for the day D

Remember that the first minutes are decisive for a positive and reassuring climate. Prepare a friendly reception, with a smile, and do not forget to choose a solution for managing guests in situation, including the personalized badge presentation that will allow guests to know their interlocutors at a glance.

Remember to print a detailed program of the event to make it easier for your guests to understand.


Yemp vous guide en 5 étapes pour réussir votre événement de rentrée : capitalisez sur le succès de votre événement

And after ?

This check list is not exhaustive, but you now have the cards in hand to lay the foundations for organizing a memorable event! Also plan the “after” by capitalizing on the success of your event: an e-mail of thanks to the guests present, accompanied if possible by photo / video elements, a press kit or a dedicated article in order to maximize the impact.

YEMP has created for you a simple and effective tool. An online planner that allows you to design your event and choose from trusted partners. Register quickly to benefit from a wide range of providers, from the venue to team building events, adapted to your budget.
Registration is free : Do not wait any longer to take advantage of our community of event partners!

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