Marie Garreau: “In events, consistency is required and only work pays”

Once is not custom, the blog YEMP is interested in the job of organizer of public evenings. Who better to tell us about cool and trendy afterwork that Marie Garreau ! This Parisian is a master in the art of public relations and networking appointments with her evenings Cherie Darling who are already celebrating their 10th birthday. The Très Honoré, Castel, the Molitor Pool, the Opéra Garnier, the Racing Lagardère, the Parc Floral de Vincennes, and since 2017 the largest New York hotels: Marie Garreau has an impressive track record in event organization in exceptional places and successful evenings. Interview :

You started your career in Public Relations. How did you go from RP to events? ?

I am of a nature “RP”, it is one of my components. I worked in events at the same level since an internship that I did at Les Bains Douches in 2000. I made my job! I am passionate about everything.

What did you keep from your RP experience to apply to the event organization ?

I can not answer you, the two go together! I’m on both sides at once, one does not go without the other for me.

In 10 years, your evenings Cherie Darling have welcomed more than 70,000 people. Do you work alone ?

Yes, most of the time. I am also supported by a trainee with skills, a crush on recruitment. I love working in a small team. We have the chance to know each other better, even though. We are more versatile and I can train this person of trust. The underlying idea is that he or she embodies the Cherie Darling brand.

What do you think are the ingredients of a successful event ?

Love what you do, love to bring something more, love people, love detail, nothing is left to chance … It does not really have any secrets !

Since you started in 2007 digital communication has evolved a lot. How do you communicate about your events ?

Essentially personalized SMS for 7 years because I want all my guests to feel VIP and close to the organizer. Humanizing things is essential for me. People think that there are machines behind sometimes and therefore do not respond … it still represents 15 hours of work per week. I have a mobile application * recently, it allows to be independent, just book for events in Paris, London or New York. There is also the program of events in preview, my blog, derivatives, as well as a chat to discuss with confidentiality members Cherie Darling but also to know and benefit from exclusive offers from our partners.

How do you handle it “no show” (rate of guests who do not come to the event)?

I ask that people always tell me how many people are with them. I also ask them to tell me if they do not come to be able to benefit others waiting! With time I get there. People are respectful, it’s nice and it works very well. The work provided upstream is tailor-made. This allows to anticipate for places too, it is a team work. In the end, in my evenings, the no show represents about 15%.

After 10 years of organization, what are your views on the evolution of the profession? ?

This is a profession where I think that consistency is required and only work pays … talent is obviously a plus! But I can not judge, there are many organizers, people who improvise themselves and professionals who carry out their projects. Congratulations to all, this job is not easy, reputation is the main asset, it is earned !

What is your top 5 event venues in Paris ?

There are so many sublime places, Paris is an extraordinary playground! Sometimes a little tight when organizing itinerant events … but I love Castel, the roof top Electric, the roof top of Galeries Lafayettes, the gardens of the Ritz and, at the time, the mansion of Europacorp (The production company of Luc Besson) which has been bought since. And I have a dream: organize an event on the Eiffel Tower !

As an organizer: what is the craziest event you attended?

The closing of the’Royal Monceau Hotel a decade ago already. One of my most beautiful evening, all Paris was present, we could also cross Jude Law or Lenny Kravitz. Everything was disproportionate … What an atmosphere! It’s the evening of the decade for me !

You have managed to export your evenings abroad, whether in Europe or the United States. Have you encountered constraints in the organization outside French territory ?

I trust the collaborators who are there, it’s the game. I give all my energy to be considered the icing on the cake. The French are everywhere and very solidarity abroad, they are experiences challenging but very interesting that can propel you. I do not intend to stop there !


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