Responsible Team Building: federate and educate your employees differently

Looking for different animations that change mentalities? YEMP presents two initiatives to engage your employees in team building activities based on the circular economy or the social and solidarity economy: PariSolidari-Thé and La Boîte à Champignons.


To stroll in Paris is a walk. Discover the solidarity and innovative initiatives of a district, it’s a PariSolidari-Thé course!


Flora Doubilet is passionate about travel and dating. After trying to open a social and solidarity café with all the constraints that this type of project generates, this young Parisian close to associations has matured her future project, with the leitmotiv of creating social bonds, bringing people closer, to mix populations and to make people go out of their daily lives.

Flora is a reflection: we do not know enough – never see – the people we see every day. For example, how does my baker work? What is really this job? She wanted to know more: discover her daily life, know the origin of her products, how they are made.

His commitment to the associative and solidarity fabric of France makes him understand that, on the ground, the positive initiatives multiply. Local actors – be they artisans, entrepreneurs, volunteers or producers – are committed to “changing the world” in their own way. Flora had the idea of ​​going to meet them and to make known their activities, their passions, their engagements … and thus to create the link. It is on this basis that PariSolidari-Thé is born! Eight districts of Paris, to furrow team, in the form of course, to discover the best social initiatives or solidarity, but also populations or people surprising, curious, amazing, who make the life of these districts.


In June 2015, she won the contest Les Audacieuses, which promotes women’s entrepreneurship. She won an accommodation in the co-working space of La Ruche and an accompaniment by a mentor social entrepreneur. Motivated, she wins in March 2016 the price “strengthen the social bond” awarded by the Aviva Factory for its project PariSolidari-Tea.
Flora obviously offers her career to companies: for an animation, a team building or the integration of new employees, brands as important as the SNCF trust him … The best return we can make him: when a participant told him that PariSolidari-Tea transformed it …


Growing oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds is not just trendy! With the Mushroom Box, it is an act that strengthens the circular economy, social and solidarity!


In 2009, Cédric Péchard imagines UpCycle. Principle: set up missions in Africa alongside Asian engineers to work on the issues of urban food and the survival of sustainable peasant agriculture. In 2011, associated with a reception center for people with mental disabilities, he deploys the project in France with the background of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

He develops solutions to create new resources, simply imitating nature, for which the concept of waste is unknown. It is also based on know-how already existing in Chinese family ancestral agriculture, which used cycles combining biogas, algae, fish, crops and mushrooms.


The idea is simple: transform the coffee grounds collected in substrate to cultivate oyster mushrooms … which will be cooked by famous chefs of Paris! At the end of the chain, he entrusts the remains of the substrate to the market gardeners to fertilize their crops. The team retains the name of UpCycle for its activities related to the council on urban agriculture, and quickly adopts the name of Box with Mushrooms

In 2014, Cédric joins forces with Grégoire Bleu and Arnaud Ulrich. Together, they bring the project into a new dimension with the installation of a Mushroom cellar in the heart of the Rungis International Market. They launch the “boxes” for the general public, who can now grow himself, in less than 15 days, Monte Cristo oyster mushrooms.
The positive impact of their collection of coffee grounds (which is as good in small restaurants as very large companies) is huge: Since the launch, more than 550000 kg of recycled coffee has grown more than 50000 kg of coffee. oyster mushrooms, generating more than 15000 working hours for people in professional reintegration. The coffee grounds become the cement, the basis of their circular economy.


Since then, the Mushroom Box teams have taken their pilgrim’s staff to educate and convert the general public … and offer team building sensitization workshops in companies. In small groups, employees are introduced to the creation of a mushroom box: coffee grounds, wood chips, cylicium, as well as a good dose of circular economy and awareness of eco-responsibility make up these modules pedagogical, relevant and stimulating for employees.


If you are (like us) sensitive to these initiatives and want to instill solidarity and eco-responsible values ​​for your employees, choose the activity that best suits the format of your event, seminar or team building: PariSolidari-Tea and The Box to Mushrooms will be happy to pass on their values ​​on the occasion of their workshops.
Do not hesitate and quickly discover their offers and other partners on our event organization platform!

Julien Masson

En charge du webmarketing et de la communication de YEMP. Il a rejoint l'équipe en mars 2017 après avoir officié dans des groupes médias comme TF1 ou Canal +.