WINE PASSPORT: combining wine pleasure and team building

Wine and gastronomy as an animator for your professional events, it is now possible with Wine Passport ! Yemp presents the different activities and team building offered by this company, which will certainly please all your guests.


A passion for wine

In 2012, two enthusiasts set out to make the wine route of Europe in 2CV. For two years, they visit the wineries, test and select their partners, to found at the end of this trip a travel agency and events around the wine.


A unifying concept

Their concept of departure: to discover the wines of the world to the greatest number. Quickly, the company is structured, and organizes events (seminars, incentives…) delivered turnkey, combining wine and gastronomy in the wine regions of the five partner countries in Europe. They then launch activities and team building activities for companies, to enable them to learn wine while having fun and to unite the teams through modules adapted to the strategic objectives set by their customers.


3 ranges of offers to meet all desires

The activities offered by Wine Passport are as rich and varied as a wine list :


The tastings :

A moment of conviviality ideal for theafterwork, with a real upscale between the introduction to wine and the tasting of great wines commented by a Best Sommelier of France (or World!) in agreement with dishes prepared by the Best Workers of France.


Evening entertainment :

Whether for cocktail parties or prestigious evenings, Wine Passport offers entertaining activities such as the Wine Casino (diners blindly tasting and betting on a real Casino table created especially for this occasion), or Wine Close Up (animators go from table to table, like during a magic show, with small blind tests around wine)


Team building activities :

These events engage the participants around a simple but very effective concept: to create team cohesion around fun activities. Among the most popular:creating his own wine (The participants put themselves in the shoes of oenologists / entrepreneurs, from the creation of the label to the bottling). Or again:Oeno’Feel Challenge which proposes challenges around the five senses (finding clues to reconstitute the tasted wine and presenting it to its collaborators), ideal to break the hierarchical barriers and allow the shy ones to express themselves.


Why choose Wine Passport ?

Wine Passport, travels in your company or privatized places for your big professional events. Their teams are very caring, and the sommeliers / croupiers animate with much liveliness the various animations proposed ! A must to choose to bring a lot of pleasure to your guests !


Want to know more about Wine Passport? Find below the video interview of Maxim, commercial of this company like no other:


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