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With -196 °, the cold makes its show to make your events spectacular moments! These molecular cocktail specialists propose gastronomic events that should mark your colleagues or guests from 50 to 800 people. -196 ° propose you two animations: - The Molecular Cocktail Bar In a cloud at -196 °, you will attend a real multi-sensory gastronomic show! Prepared before your eyes, delicious molecular cocktails are made in contact with liquid nitrogen. A haunting show led by a bartender who will make you discover Mojito Bio, Pina Colada or Sex on the Beach with a unique taste: the frozen texture is silky and in contact with the mouth, instantly melts and becomes liquid again! For an indoor or outdoor event, teams of -196 ° are at your convenience and do not need to be connected to electricity. - Counter of ice cream made with liquid nitrogen The teams of -196 ° proposes you an extraordinary animation: a counter on which the teams realize handmade ice cream in front of you in less than a minute in a cloud of magic smoke, starting from ingredients coming from a short circuit and organic, without any preservative or additive. The ice creams are ultra fresh and made instantly under the eyes of your guests.

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